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Defying Convention in Cargo Transportation

Break Bulk

Welcome to Stevin Express, where we redefine the norms of cargo transportation through our specialized Break Bulk services. For the unconventional, the oversized, and the complex, we are your partners in navigating the challenges of non-containerized loads. With an experienced team spread across major ports, we seamlessly manage your cargo's journey from inception to destination.

Experience Break Bulk like never before with Stevin Express. Contact us to embark on your journey of exceptional cargo handling.

Break Bulk

Navigating the Unconventional

Break Bulk isn't just cargo transportation; it's an art of handling the extraordinary. At Stevin Express, we understand that some cargo defies the confines of standard containers. Our experienced team is equipped to manage the unique challenges posed by oversized and overweight items, such as construction equipment, oil and gas machinery, turbines, boats, and more.

Break Bulk

Global Network, Local Expertise

With a global network of intercontinental and short sea freight routes, our collaboration with premium carriers ensures your cargo reaches its destination with precision. Our team's local expertise in all major ports adds a personal touch to the process, ensuring your cargo is in capable hands every step of the way.

Break Bulk

Flexible Solutions for Varied Needs

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our Break Bulk services. Whether it's scheduled or charter services, we adapt to your requirements. We offer complete project transport and logistics solutions, from pickup at your facilities to safe stowage, packing, and final delivery. Our arsenal includes specialized equipment like flat-rack or open-top containers, roll trailers, and flatbeds, tailored to your cargo's unique needs.

Break Bulk

Efficiency Meets Expertise

Our team is not just knowledgeable; they're experts in the art of Break Bulk. Trained staff at major ports worldwide ensure your cargo's journey is smooth and efficient, from origin to destination. We're committed to fast responses and personalized service, ensuring you're informed and supported every step of the way.

Break Bulk

Unveiling the Break Bulk Experience

Break Bulk isn't just about cargo; it's about understanding the art of "breaking bulk." Our specialized vessels equipped with heavy-lift cranes ensure that your cargo is handled safely and swiftly. This process not only accelerates loading and unloading but also ensures the security of your valuable cargo.

Break Bulk

Customized Solutions for Extraordinary Cargo

Each cargo is unique, and so are our solutions. Stevin Express doesn't just offer services; we offer tailored solutions for your most complex transport needs. We're not bound by conventions; we embrace the challenge of the unconventional and turn it into a success story.

Break Bulk

Your Vision, Our Commitment

When the ordinary won't suffice, choose Stevin Express for Break Bulk excellence. We're here to turn challenges into triumphs, complexities into opportunities, and cargo into a success story. Connect with our experts today to unlock a new dimension in cargo transportation.

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